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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2021Burnout and Cognitive PerformanceKoutsimani, Panagiota; Montgomery, Anthony; Masoura, Elvira; Panagopoulou, Efharis
Oct-2016Burnout and health behaviors in health professionals from seven European countriesAlexandrova-Karamanova, Anna; Todorova, Irina; Montgomery, Anthony; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Costa, Patricia; Baban, Adriana; Davas, Asli; Milosevic, Milan; Mijakoski, Dragan
30-Jul-2019Burnout in healthcare: the case for organisational changeMontgomery, Anthony; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Esmail, A; Richards, T; Maslach, C
Dec-2017Development and Validation of a Cross-Country Hospital Patient Quality of Care Assessment Tool in EuropeVilliers-Tuthill, Amanda; Doulougeri, Karolina; McGee, Hannah; Montgomery, Anthony; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Morgan, Karen
2019Does empathy change during undergraduate medical education? - A meta-analysisSpatoula, Vasiliki; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony
2016The effects of perceived stress on biological parameters in healthcare professionals: A systematic reviewDawe, Karen; Montgomery, Anthony; McGee, Hannah; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Morgan, Karen; Hackshaw, Lucy; Vedhara, Kavita
2017Examining the link between burnout and medical error: A checklist approachTsiga, Evangelia; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony
2019From burnout to resilient practice: is it a matter of the individual or the context?Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony
12-Dec-2016(How) do medical students regulate their emotions?Doulougeri, Karolina; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony
Dec-2019Job Burnout Reduces Hand Hygiene Compliance Among Nursing StaffManomenidis, Georgios; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony
2019Resilience in nursing: The role of internal and external factorsManomenidis, Georgios; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony
Aug-2016The 'switch on-switch off model': Strategies used by nurses to mentally prepare and disengage from workManomenidis, Georgios; Panagopoulou, Efharis; Montgomery, Anthony