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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The Landscape of MOOC Platforms WorldwidePerifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
2022Limits and benefits of using telepresence robots for educational purposesHäfner, Polina; Wernbacher, Thomas; Pfeiffer, Alexander; Denk, Natalie; Economides, Anastasios A.; Perifanou, Maria; Attard, Andre; DeRaffaele, Clifford; Sigurðardóttir, Helena
2018The many faces of openness in educationEconomides, Anastasios A.; Perifanou, Maria
2022Mobile Sensing for Emotion Recognition in Smartphones: A Literature Review on Non-Intrusive MethodologiesTzafilkou, Katerina; Economides, Anastasios A.; Protogeros, Nicolaos
2022Mobile Telepresence Robots in Education: Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and ChallengesPerifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.; Häfner, Polina; Wernbacher, Thomas
Oct-2018Mobile-based assessment: A literature review of publications in major referred journals from 2009 to 2018Nikou, Stavros A.; Economides, Anastasios A.
2017Mobile-Based Assessment: Integrating acceptance and motivational factors into a combined model of Self-Determination Theory and Technology AcceptanceNikou, Stavros A.; Economides, Anastasios A.
Jun-2017Mobile-based assessment: Investigating the factors that influence behavioral intention to useNikou, Stavros A.; Economides, Anastasios A.
2018Mobile-Based micro-Learning and Assessment: Impact on learning performance and motivation of high school studentsNikou, Stavros A.; Economides, Anastasios A.
2017Modeling the Internet of Things Under Attack: A G-network ApproachSarigiannidis, Panagiotis; Karapistoli, Eirini; Economides, Anastasios A.
2020Motivating Students in Collaborative Activities With Game-Theoretic Group RecommendationsPapamitsiou, Zacharoula; Economides, Anastasios A.
12-Jun-2021Negative emotions, cognitive load, acceptance, and self-perceived learning outcome in emergency remote education during COVID-19Tzafilkou, Katerina; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
2021Open Educational Resources for Language Education: Towards the development of an e-toolkitKosmas, Panagiotis; Parmaxi, Antigoni; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
2021The OPENLang Network Pedagogical Framework: Designing an Open and Collaborative Language Learning Environment for Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility ParticipantsPerifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
2022PHOTOGRAMMETRY WITH LIDAR IPAD PROVlachos, Apostolos; Polyzou, Anna; Economides, Anastasios A.
2021The Role of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Frequency of Use in University Students’ Digital Skills ComponentsPerifanou, Maria; Tzafilkou, Katerina; Economides, Anastasios A.
2021Smart CV for lifelong qualifications certification based on BlockchainEconomides, Anastasios A.; Perifanou, Maria
2022SMART GLASS APPLICATION TESTING FOR AUGMENTED REALITYVlachos, Apostolos; Economides, Anastasios A.; Perifanou, Maria
5-Nov-2022STEM Distance Teaching: Investigating STEM Teachers’ Attitudes, Barriers, and Training NeedsTzafilkou, Katerina; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.