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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Decision support systems and strategic planning: information technology and SMEs' performanceKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria
2018Decision support systems for strategic information systems planning: an approach for logistics strategic managementKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria
24-Jan-2022Developing a Risk Analysis Strategy Framework for Impact Assessment in Information Security Management Systems: A Case Study in IT Consulting IndustryKitsios, Fotis; Chatzidimitriou, Elpiniki; Kamariotou, Maria
2021Digital Entrepreneurship Services Evolution: Analysis of Quadruple and Quintuple Helix Innovation Models for Open Data EcosystemsKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria; Grigoroudis, Evangelos
2021Digital Marketing Platforms and Customer Satisfaction: Identifying eWOM Using Big Data and Text MiningKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria; Karanikolas, Panagiotis; Grigoroudis, Evangelos
2021Digital Transformation and Strategy in the Banking Sector: Evaluating the Acceptance Rate of E-ServicesKitsios, Fotis; Giatsidis, Ioannis; Kamariotou, Maria
14-Apr-2022Digital Transformation Strategies Enabled by Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics: The Use-Case of Telecommunication Companies in GreeceMoumtzidis, Ilias; Kamariotou, Maria; Kitsios, Fotis
4-Jul-2022Digital Transformation Strategy in Post-COVID Era: Innovation Performance Determinants and Digital Capabilities in Driving SchoolsNousopoulou, Evangelia; Kamariotou, Maria; Kitsios, Fotis
2021E-Business Strategy for Logistics Companies: Achieving Success through Information Systems PlanningKamariotou, Maria; Kitsios, Fotis; Madas, Michael
2019E-service Evaluation: User satisfaction measurement and implications in health sectorKitsios, Fotis; Stefanakakis, Stavros; Kamariotou, Maria; Dermentzoglou, Lambros
2022Emotional intelligence with the gender perspective in health organizations managersKitsios, Fotis; Papageorgiou, Eumorfia; Kamariotou, Maria; Perifanis, Nikolaos-Alexandros; Talias, Michael A.
2022Entrepreneurial strategies and family firm culture in the Arab world: a systematic literature reviewSindakis, Stavros; Kitsios, Fotis; Aggarwal, Sakshi; Kamariotou, Maria
12-Jan-2022Exploring Business Strategy Modelling with ArchiMate: A Case Study ApproachKitsios, Fotis; Kyriakopoulou, Maria; Kamariotou, Maria
Sep-2022Hackathons for Driving Service Innovation Strategies: The Evolution of a Digital Platform-Based EcosystemKamariotou, Maria; Kitsios, Fotis
2020How Managers Use Information Systems for Strategy Implementation in Agritourism SMEsKamariotou, Maria; Kitsios, Fotis
2021Information Systems Strategy and Innovation: Analyzing Perceptions Using Multiple Criteria Decision AnalysisKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria
31-May-2019Information systems strategy in SMEs: critical factors of strategic planning in logisticsKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria; Madas, Michael; Fouskas, Konstantinos; Manthou, Vicky
8-Apr-2020Information systems strategy in SMEs: critical factors of strategic planning in logisticsKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria; Madas, Michael; Fouskas, Konstantinos; Manthou, Vicky
Apr-2021Job satisfaction behind motivation: An empirical study in public health workersKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria
2020Mapping new service development: a review and synthesis of literatureKitsios, Fotis; Kamariotou, Maria