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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Real-Time Algorithms for the Detection of Changes in the Variance of Video Content PopularitySkaperas, Sotiris; Mamatas, Lefteris; Chorti, Arsenia
2019Real-Time Video Content Popularity Detection Based on Mean Change Point AnalysisSkaperas, Sotiris; Mamatas, Lefteris; Chorti, Arsenia
2008A receiver-centric rate control scheme for layered video streams in the InternetPapadimitriou, Panagiotis; Tsaoussidis, Vassilis; Mamatas, Lefteris
2018Routing under Heterogeneity and Mobility for the Internet of Things: A Centralized Control ApproachViolettas, George E.; Petridou, Sophia; Mamatas, Lefteris
2022Scheduling of Heterogeneous Services by Resolving ConflictsSkaperas, Sotiris; Ferdosian, Nasim; Chorti, Arsenia; Mamatas, Lefteris
15-Mar-2021SD-MIoT: A Software-Defined Networking Solution for Mobile Internet of ThingsTheodorou, Tryfon; Mamatas, Lefteris
2015A service-aware virtualized software-defined infrastructureMamatas, Lefteris; Clayman, Stuart; Galis, Alex
2018Slicing and Allocation of Transformable Resources for the Deployment of Multiple Virtualized Infrastructure Managers (VIMs)Freitas, Leandro A.; Braga, Vinicius G.; Correa, Sand L.; Mamatas, Lefteris; Rothenberg, Christian; Clayman, Stuart; Cardoso, Kleber V.
2017Software defined topology control strategies for the Internet of ThingsTheodorou, Tryfon; Mamatas, Lefteris
2022Software-Defined Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: From Theory to End-to-End ImplementationLiaskos, Christos K.; Mamatas, Lefteris; Pourdamghani, Arash; Tsioliaridou, Ageliki; Ioannidis, Sotiris; Pitsillides, Andreas; Schmid, Stefan; Akyildiz, Ian F.
2013Softwarization of Future Networks and Services -Programmable Enabled Networks as Next Generation Software Defined NetworksGalis, Alex; Clayman, Stuart; Mamatas, Lefteris; Rubio Loyola, Javier; Manzalini, Antonio; Kuklinski, Slawomir; Serrat, Joan; Zahariadis, Theodore
Dec-2021A Softwarized Intrusion Detection System for the RPL-based Internet of Things networksViolettas, George E.; Simoglou, George; Petridou, Sophia; Mamatas, Lefteris
2009A study of deploying smooth- and responsive-TCPs with different queue management schemesZhang, Chi; Mamatas, Lefteris; Tsaoussidis, Vassilis
2020A Techno-Economic Assessment of MicroservicesPapakonstantinou, Ioannis; Kalafatidis, Sarantis; Mamatas, Lefteris
2019Towards A Marketplace for Multi-domain Cloud Network Slicing: Use CasesSwapna, Asma Islam; Rosa, Raphael Vicente; Rothenberg, Christian; Sakellariou, Ilias; Mamatas, Lefteris; Papadimitriou, Panagiotis
2013Towards autonomic management of software enabled networksGalis, Alex; Clayman, Stuart; Mamatas, Lefteris
2006Transport Protocol Behavior and Energy-Saving PotentialMamatas, Lefteris; Tsaoussidis, Vassilis
2020A Versatile Out-of-Band Software-Defined Networking Solution for the Internet of ThingsTheodorou, Tryfon; Mamatas, Lefteris
2023Virtualization Technology Blending for resource-efficient edge cloudsValsamas, Polychronis; Skaperas, Sotiris; Mamatas, Lefteris; Contreras, Luis M.