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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Ramón y Cajal as an Analytical Chemist of Bottled Water? Use (and Misuse) of the Great Savant’s Repute by the IndustryTriarhou, Lazaros C; del Cerro, Manuel
2021Ramón y Cajal on the pedagogy of sport (Thoughts of an octogenarian)Papadopoulou, Sousana; Vivas, Ana B.; Triarhou, Lazaros C
Mar-2013The renaissance of the neuron doctrine: Cajal rebuts the Rector of GranadaPartsalis, Agesilaos; Blazquez, Pablo; Triarhou, Lazaros C
Nov-2021Richard Stern (1878-1942)Triarhou, Lazaros C
2016Sesquicentennial Tribute to Emil Redlich (1866-1930), The 'Embodied Conscience of Neurology'Savvaidou, Nicolina E; Triarhou, Lazaros C
Sep-2021Siegmund Erben (1863-1942)Triarhou, Lazaros C
Jun-2021The Significance of the Granular Layer of the Cerebellum, by Professor Heinrich Obersteiner (English Translation)Triarhou, Lazaros C
Mar-2017Soul, butterfly, mythological nymph: psyche in philosophy and neuroscienceAntonakou, Elena I; Triarhou, Lazaros C
15-Aug-2019Sven Ingvar (1889–1947) of Lund University and the Centennial of His Landmark Dissertation on Cerebellar Phylo-OntogenyTriarhou, Lazaros C
2015Tango impressions with medical overtonesTriarhou, Lazaros C
30-Dec-2019Through neuronal avalanches to consciousness: Conjectures and elaborationsAntonakou, Elena I; Triarhou, Lazaros C
2021Two odes to Santiago Ramón y CajalTriarhou, Lazaros C
2015Two readings of Quixote: Cajal and TurgenevTriarhou, Lazaros C
Jul-2021Vicente Dimitri (1885-1955)Triarhou, Lazaros C
2019Women neuropsychiatrists on Wagner-Jauregg's staff in Vienna at the time of the Nobel award: ordeal and fortitudeTriarhou, Lazaros C