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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2021Negative emotions, cognitive load, acceptance, and self-perceived learning outcome in emergency remote education during COVID-19Tzafilkou, Katerina; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
2021The Role of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Frequency of Use in University Students’ Digital Skills ComponentsPerifanou, Maria; Tzafilkou, Katerina; Economides, Anastasios A.
2022Socio-Emotional Characteristics of Emergency Distance Teaching: A Mixed-Method Investigation in GreeceTzafilkou, Katerina; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
5-Nov-2022STEM Distance Teaching: Investigating STEM Teachers’ Attitudes, Barriers, and Training NeedsTzafilkou, Katerina; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
17-Apr-2020Students’ perception and acceptance of web-based technologies: a multi-group PLS analysis in Romania and SpainBalta, Nuri; Mâță, Liliana; Gómez, Carlos Hervás; Tzafilkou, Katerina
2021Teachers’ Digital Skills Readiness During COVID-19 PandemicPerifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.; Tzafilkou, Katerina
2021Teachers’ trainers’ intention and motivation to transfer ICT training: The role of ICT individual factors, gender, and ICT self-efficacyTzafilkou, Katerina; Perifanou, Maria; Economides, Anastasios A.
2019Using Socrative software for instant formative feedback in physics coursesBalta, Nuri; Tzafilkou, Katerina
2023You Look like You’ll Buy It! Purchase Intent Prediction Based on Facially Detected Emotions in Social Media Campaigns for Food ProductsTzafilkou, Katerina; Economides, Anastasios A.; Panavou, Foteini-Rafailia