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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Does It Matter Where You Search? Twitter versus Traditional News MediaMilas, Costas; Panagiotidis, Theodore; Dergiades, Theologos
2022Effectiveness of government policies in response to the first COVID-19 outbreakDergiades, Theologos; Milas, Costas; Mossialos, Elias; Panagiotidis, Theodore
2021Energy based estimation of the shadow economy: The role of governance qualityPsychoyios, Dimitrios; Missiou, Olympia; Dergiades, Theologos
Jun-2018Google Trends and tourists' arrivals: Emerging biases and proposed correctionsDergiades, Theologos; Mavragani, Eleni; Pan, Bing
Mar-2016Long-run changes in radiative forcing and surface temperature: The effect of human activity over the last five centuriesDergiades, Theologos; Kaufmann, Robert K.; Panagiotidis, Theodore
1-Feb-2020A mixed frequency approach for stock returns and valuation ratiosDergiades, Theologos; Milas, Costas; Panagiotidis, Theodore
2010Modelling and forecasting mobile telecommunication services: the case of GreeceDergiades, Theologos; Dasilas, Apostolos
Nov-2018The nexus between natural gas spot and futures prices at NYMEX: Do weather shocks and non-linear causality in low frequencies matter?Dergiades, Theologos; Madlener, Reinhard; Christofidou, Georgia
2021Oil and the U.S. stock market: Implications for low carbon policiesArampatzidis, Ioannis; Dergiades, Theologos; Kaufmann, Robert K.; Panagiotidis, Theodore
24-Jan-2021Should stock returns predictability be ‘hooked on’ long‐horizon regressions?Dergiades, Theologos; Pouliasis, Panos K.
Aug-2022Unemployment claims during COVID-19 and economic support measures in the U.SDergiades, Theologos; Milas, Costas; Panagiotidis, Theodore