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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018The Accounting Treatment of Firms’ Valuation based on IFRS and Greek GAAP for Appropriate Investment Decision Making using ICTDimitriou, Maria
Aug-2012Applying the Free Cash Flow to Equity Valuation Model in Coca Cola HellenicDimitriou, Maria
Aug-2014Assessing a firm’s performance under IFRS: The case of Coca-Cola HellenicDimitriou, Maria; Stavropoulos, Antonis
Jun-2016Case Study of Investment Opportunities and Decision Making on Food and Drink Firms Listed on ASE Under IFRSDimitriou, Maria
Jun-2017Example of Analysts’ Valuation Process: Information Context, Research Findings, and Future PrioritiesDimitriou, Maria
Dec-2015A Framework for Accounting Software and Finance Packages used in SMEs Based on FOSS/FLOSSDimitriou, Maria
Dec-2019How can the analyst’s valuation process foster the development of an appropriate stock recommendation?Dimitriou, Maria
Jun-2015IFRS and more Recently IFRS for SMEs Impact on Financial Statements Compared to Greek GAAP: The Case of SMEs in Beverage IndustryDimitriou, Maria
Dec-2015IFRS Framework/ EU Directives and their Effect on Investment Decisions: Evidence from the Greek Food & Drink Sector on the Athens Stock ExchangeDimitriou, Maria
Dec-2014Impact of IFRS on Financial Statements in Greece: Application in a Multinational CompanyDimitriou, Maria; Stavropoulos, Antonis
Apr-2019A philosophical research paradigm and a theoretical perspective of a valuation report in the beverage sectorDimitriou, Maria
Jan-2012Research Report of Coca Cola Hellenic BC SADimitriou, Maria
Mar-2017A Review and Synthesis of Research on Analysts’ Valuation Process Beyond Approaches and ModelsDimitriou, Maria
Jun-2019A theoretical framework and perspective regarding the accounting and the technology issues in GreeceDimitriou, Maria
Dec-2016Two Valuation Models applied to Coca-Cola Hellenic in relation to Geographic Regions and Product CategoriesDimitriou, Maria
Jun-2020What is the importance of financial reporting from Local GAAP to IFRS for companies, and how can the accounting treatment influence this factor within firms’ valuation concept?Dimitriou, Maria