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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Achieving optimal average data node storage utilization in k-dimensional point data indexesOutsios, Evangelos; Evangelidis, Georgios
2012An Adaptive Hybrid and Cluster-Based Model for Speeding Up the k-NN ClassifierOugiaroglou, Stefanos; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dervos, Dimitris A.
2013AIB2Ougiaroglou, Stefanos; Evangelidis, Georgios
2013Applying General-Purpose Data Reduction Techniques for Fast Time Series ClassificationOugiaroglou, Stefanos; Karamitopoulos, Leonidas; Tatoglou, Christos; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dervos, Dimitris A.
2015Applying Prototype Selection and Abstraction Algorithms for Efficient Time-Series ClassificationOugiaroglou, Stefanos; Karamitopoulos, Leonidas; Tatoglou, Christos; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dervos, Dimitris A.
2022Augmented Reality and Gamification in Education: A Systematic Literature Review of Research, Applications, and Empirical StudiesLampropoulos, Georgios; Keramopoulos, Euclid; Diamantaras, Konstantinos I.; Evangelidis, Georgios
2018Augmenting educational videos with interactive exercises and knowledge testing gamesKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2004Bitmap-tree indexing for set operations on free textNitsos, Ilias; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dervos, Dimitris A.
2007Cascading Citation Indexing in ActionFolias, Theodore; Dervos, Dimitris A.; Evangelidis, Georgios; Samaras, Nikolaos
Apr-2007The Cascading Citations Analysis Project (C-CAP)Dervos, Dimitris A.; Samaras, Nikolaos; Evangelidis, Georgios; Folias, Theodore; Asmanidis, Ypatios
2009Cascading Citations Indexing Framework Algorithm Implementation and TestingFragkiadaki, Eleni; Evangelidis, Georgios; Samaras, Nikolaos; Dervos, Dimitris A.
2022Citation based journal-to-journal associations in the microcosm of an academic libraries consortiumPispiringas, Leonidas; Dervos, Dimitris A.; Evangelidis, Georgios
2009Cluster-Based Similarity Search in Time SeriesKaramitopoulos, Leonidas; Evangelidis, Georgios
2003Compact Binary: an Efficient Non-parameterized Code for Index CompressionNitsos, Ilias; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dervos, Dimitris A.
Jun-2006Control Chart Pattern Recognition - A Time Series Data Mining ApproachKaramitopoulos, Leonidas; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dervos, Dimitris A.
2012CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF DESIGNING A GRAPHICAL QUERY LANGUAGEKeramopoulos, Euclid; Dervos, Dimitris A.; Deligiannis, Ignatios; Evangelidis, Georgios; Pouyioutas, Philippos
May-2007Current Trends in Time Series RepresentationKaramitopoulos, Leonidas; Evangelidis, Georgios
2011Data Node Splitting Policies for Improved Range Query Efficiency in k-dimensional Point Data IndexesOutsios, Evangelos; Evangelidis, Georgios
Jun-2001DBSchoolLab: Ένα Σύστημα για τη Διαχείριση Ασκήσεων και Διαγωνισμάτων στο Σχολικό ΠεριβάλλονEfopoulos, Vassilios; Dagdilelis, Vassilios; Satratzemi, Maya; Kaskalis, Theodore H.; Evangelidis, Georgios