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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Building a multilevel integrated framework of ambidexterity: The role of dynamically changing environment and human capital management in the performance of Greek firmsKatou, Anastasia A.
28-Dec-2021COVID-19 and organizational performance: a quasi-longitudinal and multilevel study of GreeceKatou, Anastasia A.
2022Employee high-performance work systems-experience attributions of well-being and exploitation: a multilevel study of Greek workplacesKatou, Anastasia A.
2022Examining the mediating role of work-family balance in the core self-evaluations – organizational performance relationship: a multilevel studyKatou, Anastasia A.
2021Examining the “dark-side” of high performance work systems in the Greek manufacturing sectorKloutsiniotis, Panagiotis V.; Katou, Anastasia A.; Mihail, Dimitrios M.
2022Host country national support to expatriates: a motivated information processing perspectiveYoon, Young-Jae; Varma, Arup; Katou, Anastasia A.; Cha, Youngjae; Lee, Soohyun
2017How does human resource management influence organisational performance? An integrative approach-based analysisKatou, Anastasia A.
2019HR outsourcing: The impact on HR's strategic role and remaining in-house HR functionPatel, Charmi; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Witzemann, Alissa; Katou, Anastasia A.
2022Human resources flexibility as a mediating mechanism between high-performance work systems and organizational performance: a multilevel quasi-longitudinal studyKatou, Anastasia A.
2021Idiosyncratic deals in less competitive labor markets: Testing career I-deals in the Greek context of high uncertaintiesKatou, Anastasia A.; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Patel, Charmi
2021Indian nurses in the United Kingdom: A two-phase study of the expatriate-host country national relationshipVarma, Arup; Mathew, Jossy; Wang, Chun‐Hsiao; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Katou, Anastasia A.
Dec-2020Institutionalism and its Effect on HRM in the ASEAN Context: Challenges and Opportunities for Future ResearchDo, Hoa; Patel, Charmi; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Katou, Anastasia A.; Arora, Bimal; Dao, Manh
2016Interpersonal affect and host country national support of expatriates: An investigation in ChinaVarma, Arup; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Katou, Anastasia A.; Matthew, Jossy
2022Job demands-resources model, transformational leadership and organizational performance: a multilevel studyKatou, Anastasia A.; Koupkas, Michael; Triantafillidou, Eleni
2021Line manager implementation and employee HR attributions mediating mechanisms in the HRM system – organizational performance relationship: A multilevel and multipath studyKatou, Anastasia A.; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Patel, Charmi
2020The moderating effects of transformational leadership and self-worth in the idiosyncratic deals - employee reactions relationship: A study of Indian hospitality industryKatou, Anastasia A.; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Chand, Mohinder D.
2021Supervisor-subordinate relationships and employee performance appraisals: a multi-source investigation in CroatiaVarma, Arup; Zilic, Ivana; Katou, Anastasia A.; Blajic, Branimir; Jukic, Nenad
May-2021A trilogy of organizational ambidexterity: Leader’s social intelligence, employee work engagement and environmental changesKatou, Anastasia A.; Budhwar, Pawan S.; Patel, Charmi