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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Does Trading Volume Influence GARCH Effects? – Some evidence from the Greek MarketKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos; Molyneux, Phil
2018Feedback trading and short-term return dynamics in Athens Stock ExchangeKyrkilis, Dimitrios; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Babalos, Vassilios; Kyriakou, Maria
2020Feedback trading strategies and long-term volatilityKyriakou, Maria; Babalos, Vassilios; Kiohos, Apostolos; Koulakiotis, Athanasios
1-Apr-2021Feedback trading strategies in international real estate marketsBalomenou, Chrysanthi; Babalos, Vassilios; Vortelinos, Dimitrios I.; Koulakiotis, Athanasios
2018Feedback Trading Strategies: The Case of Greece and CyprusAngelidis, Dimitrios; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Kiohos, Apostolos
2016Financial crisis, liquidity and dynamic linkages between large and small stocks: Evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Babalos, Vassilios; Papasyriopoulos, Nicholas
2011GARCH modelling of banking integration in the EurozoneAlexandrou, George; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos
2005Impact of Futures on Comovements between European Cross-listed EquitiesKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Lyroudi, Katerina; Dasilas, Apostolos
2009The Impact of Regulatory Standards, Interest Rates and Trading Volume on Volatility Transmission between Cross-listed European EquitiesKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos; Tolikas, Konstantinos; Molyneux, Phil
2017International trade and foreign direct investment as growth stimulators in transition economies: does the impact of institutional factors matter?Tsitouras, Antonis; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Makris, Georgios; Papapanagos, Harry
2017Intraday analysis of macroeconomic news surprises and asymmetries in mini-futures marketsVortelinos, Dimitrios I.; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Tsagkanos, Athanasios
2009Measuring the Forecasting Accuracy of Models: Evidence from Industrialized CountriesKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos
2016Political elections, abnormal returns and stock price volatility: the case of GreeceKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Papapanagos, Harry; Papasyriopoulos, Nicholas
2016Positive feedback trading and long-term volatility links: evidence from real estate markets of USA, Be/Lux and SwitzerlandKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Kiohos, Apostolos
2022Return and volatility spillovers in twelve Eastern European countries, 2006-2015Angelidis, Dimitrios; Koulakiotis, Athanasios
2009Reverse Takeovers: An Alternative to the IPO?Dasilas, Apostolos; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Vutirakis, Pantelis
2016Transmission of News in Eurozone Bank Holdings and European Bank Markets in the Light of the Greek Debt CrisisKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Kiohos, Apostolos; Papasyriopoulos, Nicholas
2009Volatility and error transmission spillover effects: Evidence from three European financial regionsKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos; Papasyriopoulos, Nicholas
2017Wealth effect revisited: Novel evidence on long term co-memories between real estate and stock marketsKiohos, Apostolos; Babalos, Vassilios; Koulakiotis, Athanasios