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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2020Audit committee and factors that affect its characteristics: the case of GreeceDrogalas, George; Nerantzidis, Michail; Samaras, Margaritis; Pazarskis, Michail
2019Bank mergers and acquisitions in Greece: the financial crisis and its effect on shareholder wealthTampakoudis, Ioannis; Nerantzidis, Michail; Subeniotis, Demetres N.; Soutsas, Apostolos; Kiosses, Nikolaos
Jul-2022Does boardroom gender diversity affect shareholder wealth? Evidence from bank mergers and acquisitionsTampakoudis, Ioannis; Andrikopoulos, Andreas; Nerantzidis, Michail; Kiosses, Nikolaos
Dec-2022The effect of board size on shareholder value: Evidence from bank mergers and acquisitionsTampakoudis, Ioannis; Nerantzidis, Michail; Artikis, Panagiotis; Kiosses, Nikolaos
2018The effect of corporate governance mechanisms on European Mergers and AcquisitionsTampakoudis, Ioannis; Nerantzidis, Michail; Subeniotis, Demetres N.; Soutsas, Apostolos
Jun-2022The impact of gender diversity on shareholder wealth: Evidence from European bank M&ATampakoudis, Ioannis; Nerantzidis, Michail; Eweje, Gabriel; Leventis, Stergios
2022Internal auditing in the public sector: a systematic literature review and future research agendaNerantzidis, Michail; Pazarskis, Michail; Drogalas, George; Galanis, Stergios
2021The relationship between audit fees and audit committee characteristics: evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeDrogalas, George; Nerantzidis, Michail; Mitskinis, Dimitrios; Tampakoudis, Ioannis
Mar-2022Revisiting the linkage between internal audit function characteristics and internal control qualityMichailidis, Iakovos; Alexandridou, Kyriaki; Nerantzidis, Michail; Drogalas, George
2021Risk-based internal audit: factors related to its implementationLois, Petros; Drogalas, George; Nerantzidis, Michail; Georgiou, Ifigenia; Gkampeta, Eleni