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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Coarticulatory dynamics in Greek disyllables produced by young adults with and without hearing lossSfakianaki, Anna; Nicolaidis, Katerina; Okalidou, Areti; Vlahavas, George
2018Managing Communication of Students With Cochlear Implants in Schools for the Deaf: Professional PracticesOkalidou, Areti; Papavasiliou-Alexiou, Ioanna; Zourna, Christina; Anagnostou, Flora E.
2022Nasalance and perceived voice changes in patients undergoing septoplasty and turbinate hypertrophy reductionValsamidis, Konstantinos; Printza, Athanasia; Constantinidis, Jannis; Okalidou, Areti; Triaridis, Stefanos
2022Psychometric Properties of the Cyprus Lexical List in the Greek Language for Infants and Preschool Children and Preliminary ResultsHelidoni, Meropi; Okalidou, Areti; Economou, Alexandra; Spyropoulou, Elli; Petinou, Kakia
2018The relation between short-term memory and vocabulary skills in Greek children with cochlear implants: The role of hearing experienceTalli, Ioanna; Tsalighopoulos, Miltiadis; Okalidou, Areti
Sep-2018Sonority's Effect as a Surface Cue on Lexical Speech Perception of Children With Cochlear ImplantsHamza, Yasmeen; Okalidou, Areti; Kyriafinis, George; van Wieringen, Astrid
Nov-2020Sonority-Related Novel Word Learning Ability of Children With Cochlear Implants With Optimal Oral Language ExposureHamza, Yasmeen; Okalidou, Areti; Dierckx, Ann; van Wieringen, Astrid
May-2016Teachers' screening estimations of speech-language impairments in primary school children in NepalThapa, Krishna Bahadur; Okalidou, Areti; Anastasiadou, Sofia