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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2021Data envelopment analysis and the concept of sustainability: A review and analysis of the literatureTsaples, Georgios; Papathanasiou, Jason
Jan-2021An example on the use and limitations of MCDA: The case of fuzzy VIKORPapathanasiou, Jason
29-Jun-2022An Exploratory DEA and Machine Learning Framework for the Evaluation and Analysis of Sustainability Composite Indicators in the EUTsaples, Georgios; Papathanasiou, Jason; Georgiou, Andreas C.
2021Measuring agricultural sustainability of European countries with a focus on transportationTsaples, Georgios; Papathanasiou, Jason
2021A PROMETHEE MCDM Application in Social Inclusion: The Case of Foreign-Born Population in the EUBlouchoutzi, Anastasia; Manou, Dimitra; Papathanasiou, Jason
Jan-2021Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Port Regions: MCDM Approach in Composite Index CreationStanković, Jelena J.; Marjanović, Ivana; Papathanasiou, Jason; Drezgić, Saša
Nov-2021The Socioeconomic Integration of People in Need of International Protection: A Spatial Approach in the Case of GreeceManou, Dimitra; Blouchoutzi, Anastasia; Papathanasiou, Jason
2012Special issue on New Combinatorial Optimisation Models for Decision MakingSifaleras, Angelo; Papathanasiou, Jason; Demange, Marc
Jul-2023Team Formation: A Systematic Literature ReviewStavrou, Georgios; Adamidis, Panagiotis; Papathanasiou, Jason; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
11-Mar-2021Use of PROMETHEE MCDA Method for Ranking Alternative Measures of Sustainable Urban Mobility PlanningMorfoulaki, Maria; Papathanasiou, Jason
2021Use of the Sustainable Mobility Efficiency Index (SMEI) for Enhancing the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Greek CitiesMorfoulaki, Maria; Papathanasiou, Jason