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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Developmental Profile of Social Communication: Findings in Typical Developing Greek ChildrenVogindroukas, Ioannis; Chelas, Evripidis Nikolaos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.
2022Diffusion of Innovations in Middle Eastern versus Western Markets: A Mathematical Computation Cellular Automata Simulation ModelPetridis, Konstantinos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.
10-Sep-2018Environmental management and corporate social responsibility practices of small and medium-sized enterprisesDey, Prasanta Kumar; Petridis, Nikolaos E.; Petridis, Konstantinos; Malesios, Chrisovalantis; Nixon, Jonathan Daniel; Ghosh, Sadhan Kumar
2016Estimation of computer waste quantities using forecasting techniquesPetridis, Nikolaos E.; Stiakakis, Emmanouil; Petridis, Konstantinos; Dey, Prasanta Kumar
2017A financial approach to renewable energy production in Greece using goal programmingZografidou, Eleni; Petridis, Konstantinos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.; Arabatzis, Garyfallos
Jul-2020Global e-waste trade network analysisPetridis, Nikolaos E.; Petridis, Konstantinos; Stiakakis, Emmanouil
2017Investigating the factors that affect the time of maximum rejection rate of e-waste using survival analysisPetridis, Konstantinos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.; Stiakakis, Emmanouil; Dey, Prasanta Kumar
19-Jul-2021Prioritizing of volatility models: a computational analysis using data envelopment analysisPetridis, Konstantinos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.; Emrouznejad, Ali; Ben Abdelaziz, Fouad
20-Feb-2020Valuation of the internal audit mechanisms in the decision support department of the local government organizations using mathematical programmingDrogalas, George; Petridis, Konstantinos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.; Zografidou, Eleni