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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Binary-Tree Based Estimation of File Requests for Efficient Data ReplicationSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo
7-Jan-2021A classification of community detection methods in social networks: a surveySouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo; Tsintogianni, M.; Katsavounis, Stefanos
2018Efficient Community-Based Data Distribution Over Multicast TreesSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo
2022A Fair, Dynamic Load Balanced Task Distribution Strategy for Heterogeneous Cloud Platforms Based on Markov Process ModelingSouravlas, Stavros; Anastasiadou, Sofia; Tantalaki, Nikoleta; Katsavounis, Stefanos
2020Hybrid CPU-GPU community detection in weighted networksSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo; Katsavounis, Stefanos
6-Sep-2023Mathematical modeling for further improving task scheduling on Big Data systemsSouravlas, Stavros; Anastasiadou, Sofia; Sifaleras, Angelo
2017Network Load Balancing Using Modular Arithmetic ComputationsSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo
2018A Novel, Interdisciplinary, Approach for Community Detection Based on Remote File RequestsSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo; Katsavounis, Stefanos
26-Oct-2022On Implementing Social Community Clouds Based on Markov ModelsSouravlas, Stavros; Anastasiadou, Sofia
2017On minimizing memory and computation overheads for binary-tree based data replicationSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo
2017On the Detection of Overlapped Network Communities via Weight RedistributionsSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo
2019A Parallel Algorithm for Community Detection in Social Networks, Based on Path Analysis and Threaded Binary TreesSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo; Katsavounis, Stefanos
24-Jun-2020Pipeline-Based Linear Scheduling of Big Data Streams in the CloudTantalaki, Nikoleta; Souravlas, Stavros; Roumeliotis, Manos; Katsavounis, Stefanos
2020A review on big data real-time stream processing and its scheduling techniquesTantalaki, Nikoleta; Souravlas, Stavros; Roumeliotis, Manos
2019Trends in data replication strategies: a surveySouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo