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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Building a Measurement Framework for m-Government ServicesStiakakis, Emmanouil; Georgiadis, Christos K.
2013Combining the priority rankings of DEA and AHP methodologies: a case study on an ICT industryStiakakis, Emmanouil; Sifaleras, Angelo
15-Sep-2015Comparison of DEA Models Relating e-Health and Hospital EfficiencyStiakakis, Emmanouil; Sifaleras, Angelo
2019An empirical study on the commercial adoption of digital currenciesRoussou, Ioanna; Stiakakis, Emmanouil; Sifaleras, Angelo
2016Estimation of computer waste quantities using forecasting techniquesPetridis, Nikolaos E.; Stiakakis, Emmanouil; Petridis, Konstantinos; Dey, Prasanta Kumar
2010Evaluating the Performance of Decision Making Units in the Food Production IndustryStiakakis, Emmanouil; Sifaleras, Angelo
2022Exploring the construct of the new way of thinking in the digital environmentStiakakis, Emmanouil; Barboutidis, George
Jul-2020Global e-waste trade network analysisPetridis, Nikolaos E.; Petridis, Konstantinos; Stiakakis, Emmanouil
2017Investigating the factors that affect the time of maximum rejection rate of e-waste using survival analysisPetridis, Konstantinos; Petridis, Nikolaos E.; Stiakakis, Emmanouil; Dey, Prasanta Kumar
2020Measuring Spatio-temporal Efficiency: An R Implementation for Time-Evolving UnitsDigkas, Georgios; Petridis, Konstantinos; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Stiakakis, Emmanouil; Emrouznejad, Ali
2017Privacy-preserving recommendations in context-aware mobile environmentsPolatidis, Nikolaos; Georgiadis, Christos K.; Pimenidis, Elias; Stiakakis, Emmanouil
2016A spatiotemporal Data Envelopment Analysis (S-T DEA) approach: the need to assess evolving unitsPetridis, Konstantinos; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Stiakakis, Emmanouil
2016Users’ perceptions about mobile security breachesStiakakis, Emmanouil; Georgiadis, Christos K.; Andronoudi, Anna