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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Does intellectual property rights protection affect UK and US outward FDI and earnings from FDI? A sectoral analysisDe Vita, Glauco; Alexiou, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil; Luo, Yun
2013The dynamic linkages of fiscal and current account deficits: New evidence from five highly indebted European countries accounting for regime shifts and asymmetriesTrachanas, Emmanouil; Katrakilidis, Constantinos
13-Feb-2023Financial development, economic growth and the role of fiscal policy during normal and stress times: Evidence for 26 EU countriesAsteriou, Dimitrios; Spanos, Konstantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2013Fiscal deficits under financial pressure and insolvency: Evidence for Italy, Greece and SpainTrachanas, Emmanouil; Katrakilidis, Constantinos
2013Government spending and revenues in the Greek economy: evidence from nonlinear cointegrationAthanasenas, Athanasios; Katrakilidis, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2022Health Outcomes, Income and Income Inequality: Revisiting the Empirical RelationshipAlexiou, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2022The impact of bank ownership on lending behavior: Evidence from the 2008–2009 financial crisisHaldarov, Zamon; Asteriou, Dimitrios; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2022Income inequality and financialization: a not so straightforward relationshipAlexiou, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil; Vogiazas, Sofoklis
12-Apr-2022Is the Fisher effect asymmetric? Cointegration analysis and expectations measurementCushman, David O.; De Vita, Glauco; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2014Is the Greek budget deficit sustainable after all? Empirical evidence accounting for regime shiftsTrachanas, Emmanouil; Katrakilidis, Constantinos
2016Nonlinear causality between crude oil price and exchange rate: A comparative study of China and India - A failed replication (negative Type 1 and Type 2)De Vita, Glauco; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2021Politics, government health expenditure and infant mortality: does political party orientation matter?Alexiou, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2020Predicting post-war US recessions: A probit modelling approachAlexiou, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2016Price transmission in the international skim milk powder marketsFousekis, Panos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2018Revisiting the bi-directional causality between debt and growth: Evidence from linear and nonlinear testsDe Vita, Glauco; Trachanas, Emmanouil; Luo, Yun
2016Vertical price transmission in the US beef sector: Evidence from the nonlinear ARDL modelFousekis, Panos; Katrakilidis, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil
2012What drives housing price dynamics in Greece: New evidence from asymmetric ARDL cointegrationKatrakilidis, Constantinos; Trachanas, Emmanouil