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Title: WIPE (Web Integrated Programming Environment) : Design Principles and Architecture
Authors: Efopoulos, Vassilios
Evangelidis, Georgios
Dagdilelis, Vassilios
Type: Conference Paper
Subjects: FRASCATI::Natural sciences::Computer and information sciences
Issue Date: Nov-2003
First Page: 461
Last Page: 469
Volume Title: Proceedings of the 9th Panhellenic Conference in Informatics, Thessaloniki
Abstract: The scope of the present study is the description of WIPE (Web Integrated Programming Environment), a web-based environment used for teaching programming for beginners. The WIPE system (alpha version) is accessible on the Internet via a web browser (http://macedonia. uom. gr/~ efop) and consists of four major components:(1) an e-learning environment, (2) a content management system based on an open source environment, (3) supporting tools (among them a specially featured web-based compiler based on and further expanding the X-Compiler environment of the educational software DELYS), and (4) a specially designed database that is used for strang several types of data.
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