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Title: Development and validation of a students' remote learning attitude scale (RLAS) in higher education
Authors: Tzafilkou, Katerina
Perifanou, Maria
Economides, Anastasios A.
Type: Article
Subjects: FRASCATI::Social sciences::Educational sciences::Education, general (including: training, pedagogy,didactics)
Keywords: Distance education
Emergency remote education
Online learning
Online teaching
Students’ attitude scale
Issue Date: 2021
Source: Education and information technologies
Volume: 26
Issue: 6
First Page: 7279-7305
Last Page: 7305
Abstract: Considering the distinct particularities of emergency remote education (ERE) and the urgent need for new or adjusted measurement models, this study develops and validates a multidimensional instrument to measure students' attitude towards ERE. The Remote Learning Attitude Scale (RLAS) was explored and validated on a sample of 142 students participating in fully remote teaching and learning university programmes during the covid-19 crisis, in Greece. The exploratory factor analysis clearly revealed five dimensions, and the model was evaluated through PLS-SEM confirmatory factor analysis. The study also found that the students' field of study and prior experience in distance learning cause differentiations in RLAS dimensions, while gender and age make no statistical differences. Results indicate that RLAS is a practical and effective tool for evaluating the university students' attitude towards remote as opposed to traditional teaching and learning.
ISSN: 1360-2357
Other Identifiers: 10.1007/s10639-021-10586-0
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