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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018jAVANT-GARDE: A Cross-Platform Serious Game for an Introduction to Programming With JavaGalgouranas, Stefanos; Xinogalos, Stelios
2018MYTH TROUBLES: An Open-Source Educational Game in Scratch for Greek MythologyEvangelopoulou, Olympia; Xinogalos, Stelios
Jan-2018Students’ perspective on the first programming language: C-like or Pascal-like languages?Xinogalos, Stelios; Pitner, Tomáš; Ivanović, Mirjana; Savić, Miloš
Sep-2018A pilot study on the effectiveness and acceptance of an educational game for teaching programming concepts to primary school studentsGiannakoulas, Andreas; Xinogalos, Stelios
2018Social skills characteristics of students with autism spectrum disorderSyriopoulou-Delli, Christine K.; Agaliotis, Ioannis; Papaefstathiou, Elpis
2018Using Serious Games for Promoting Blended Learning for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism: Literature vs RealityTsikinas, Stavros; Xinogalos, Stelios; Satratzemi, Maya; Kartasidou, Lefkothea
2017The impact of information on employers’ attitudes towards employees with visual impairmentsPapakonstantinou, Doxa; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos
2018An Overview of Location-Based Game Authoring Tools for EducationXanthopoulos, Spyridon; Xinogalos, Stelios
2016Monitoring an OOP Course Through Assignments in a Distributed Pair Programming SystemXinogalos, Stelios; Satratzemi, Maya; Tsompanoudi, Despina; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander
2016Ανάπτυξη εκπαιδευτικών παιχνιδιών ανοιχτού λογισμικού με το GreenfootXinogalos, Stelios; Γκαϊντατζή, Μαρία; Τρύφου, Μαργαρίτα
Results 11-20 of 144 (Search time: 0.003 seconds).