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Title: Real-time wireless multisensory smart surveillance with 3D-HEVC streams for internet-of-things (IoT)
Authors: Kokkonis, Georgios
Psannis, Kostas E.
Roumeliotis, Manos
Schonfeld, Dan
Type: Article
Subjects: FRASCATI::Engineering and technology
Keywords: Internet-of-things (IoT)
Wireless transmission
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2017
Source: The Journal of Supercomputing
Volume: 73
Issue: 3
First Page: 1044
Last Page: 1062
Abstract: This paper presents the design of a novel, real-time, wireless, multisensory, smart surveillance system with 3D-HEVC features. The proposed high-level system architecture of the surveillance system is analyzed. The advantages of HEVC encoding are presented. Methods for synchronization between multiple streams are presented. Available wireless standards are presented and compared. A network-adaptive transmission protocol for a reliable, real-time, multisensory surveillance system is proposed. Adaptive packet frame grouping (APFG) and adaptive quantization are deployed to maximize the quality-of-experience (QoE). Measurements of the proposed protocol have been shown to provide superior results compared to existing transport protocols.
ISSN: 0920-8542
Other Identifiers: 10.1007/s11227-016-1769-9
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