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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Participant’s preferences for small-scale sporting eventsFotiadis, Anestis; Vassiliadis, Chris; Yeh, Shang-Pao
2016The preferences of participants in small-scale sport events: A conjoint analysis case study from TaiwanFotiadis, Anestis K.; Vassiliadis, Chris A.; Sotiriadis, Marios D.
2016Service Quality at Theme ParksFotiadis, Anestis K.; Vassiliadis, Chris A.
2016Blueprinting an Event & Customer Oriented Marketing Mix: The Case of the Sfendami Mountain Festival Small Scale EventGkarane, Sofia; Vassiliadis, Chris
2016The role of economic conditions on humor generation and attitude towards humorous TV commercialsHatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina; Zotos, Yorgos
2016Gender differences in the interpretation of web atmospherics: A selectivity hypothesis approachTsichla, Eirini; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina
2016A Longitudinal Analysis of the Changing Roles of Gender In Advertising: A Content Analysis of Super Bowl CommercialsHatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina; Ziamou, Paschalina
2016Standardization, Adaptation, and Personalization of International Corporate Social Media CommunicationsHatzithomas, Leonidas; Fotiadis, Thomas A.; Coudounaris, Dafnis N.
2016Road towards Lean Six Sigma in service industry: a multi-factor integrated frameworkTsironis, Loukas K; Psychogios, Alexandros G.
2018A qualitative study on integrated management systems in a non-leading country in certificationsBernardo, Merce; Gotzamani, Katerina; Vouzas, Fotis; Casadesus, Marti