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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2020CODE Reuse in Practice: Benefiting or Harming Technical DebtFeitosa, Daniel; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Gkortzis, Antonios; Bibi, Stamatia; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander
2020Survey on the Patent Law Awareness and the Entrepreneurial Trend of Greece’s Graduates of Technology InstitutesMetallidou, Chrysi K.; Psannis, Kostas E.; Alexandropoulou-Egyptiadou, Eugenia
8-Jun-2020GDPR Interference With Next Generation 5G and IoT NetworksRizou, Stavroula; Alexandropoulou-Egyptiadou, Eugenia; Psannis, Konstantinos E.
Jun-2020What is the importance of financial reporting from Local GAAP to IFRS for companies, and how can the accounting treatment influence this factor within firms’ valuation concept?Dimitriou, Maria
2020Empirical studies on software traceability: A mapping studyCharalampidou, Sofia; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Karountzos, Evangelos; Avgeriou, Paris
2020Exploring the Relation between Technical Debt Principal and Interest: An Empirical ApproachAmpatzoglou, Areti; Mittas, Nikolaos; Tsintzira, Angeliki-Agathi; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Arvanitou, Elvira-Maria; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Avgeriou, Paris; Angelis, Lefteris
2020Variable neighborhood search-based solution methods for the pollution location-inventory-routing problemKarakostas, Panagiotis; Sifaleras, Angelo; Georgiadis, Michael C.
2020Evaluating the agreement among technical debt measurement tools: building an empirical benchmark of technical debt liabilitiesAmanatidis, Theodoros; Mittas, Nikolaos; Moschou, Athanasia; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Angelis, Lefteris
2020Shift scheduling in multi-item production lines: a case study of a mineral water bottling companySifaleras, Angelo; Karakalidis, Alexis; Nikolaidis, Yiannis
2020Preface to the special issue “ICVNS 2018”Sifaleras, Angelo; Mladenović, Nenad; Pardalos, Panos M.