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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2020Preventing overloading incidents on smart grids: A multiobjective combinatorial optimization approachAntoniadis, Nikolaos; Cordy, Maxime; Sifaleras, Angelo; Le Traon, Yves
2020Hybrid CPU-GPU community detection in weighted networksSouravlas, Stavros; Sifaleras, Angelo; Katsavounis, Stefanos
14-Apr-2020Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings: IoT ApproachesMetallidou, Chrysi K.; Psannis, Kostas E.; Egyptiadou, Eugenia Alexandropoulou
11-May-2020Privacy preserving distributed training of neural networksNikolaidis, Spyridon; Refanidis, Ioannis
2020Survey on the Patent Law Awareness and the Entrepreneurial Trend of Greece’s Graduates of Technology InstitutesMetallidou, Chrysi K.; Psannis, Kostas E.; Alexandropoulou-Egyptiadou, Eugenia
8-Jun-2020GDPR Interference With Next Generation 5G and IoT NetworksRizou, Stavroula; Alexandropoulou-Egyptiadou, Eugenia; Psannis, Konstantinos E.
10-Oct-2020Green Cloud Communication System for Big Data ManagementStergiou, Christos L.; Psannis, Kostas E.; Yutaka, Ishibashi
26-Oct-2020IoT based Big Data secure management in the Fog over a 6G Wireless NetworkStergiou, Christos L.; Psannis, Kostas E.; Gupta, Brij B.
Nov-2020InFeMo: Flexible Big Data management through a federated Cloud systemStergiou, Christos L.; Psannis, Kostas E.; Gupta, Brij B.
22-Jul-2020Comparison of Video Codecs Performance for Real-Time TransmissionMinopoulos, Georgios; Memos, Vasileios A.; Psannis, Konstantinos E.; Ishibashi, Yutaka