Log In to DSpace

If you are a staff member or a student at the University of Macedonia, you can login with your credentials you use to access the University's Services. These credentials were given to you, when you registered for a new academic identity with the university or via the URegister Service.

Username: the username you use to login to the University's services, without the @uom.edu.gr or @uom.gr.

Password: The password, which you received, or set via the MyPassword Service in order to login to the University's Services.

If you do not remember your credentials, or you do not have credentials at all, then please follow the instructions in this link, in order to create an account, or to reset your password. If that does not work also, then you will have to contact the Computer Center via e-mail at help@uom.gr or via phone at 2310-891800.

Have you forgotten your password?