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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Corporate governance, credit ratings and the capital structure of Greek SME and large listed firmsDasilas, Apostolos; Papasyriopoulos, Nicholas
2013Corporate Governance, Dividend Status, Ownership Structure, and the Performance of Greek Seasoned Equity OfferingsDasilas, Apostolos; Leventis, Stergios
2007Does Trading Volume Influence GARCH Effects? – Some evidence from the Greek MarketKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos; Molyneux, Phil
2014The Effect of Timeliness and Credit Ratings on the Information Content of Earnings AnnouncementsLeventis, Stergios; Dasilas, Apostolos; Owusu-Ansah, Stephen
2015The effects of mandatory IFRS adoption and conditional conservatism on European bank valuesManganaris, Panayotis; Spathis, Charalambos; Dasilas, Apostolos
2009The ex-dividend day stock price anomaly: evidence from the Greek stock marketDasilas, Apostolos
2011GARCH modelling of banking integration in the EurozoneAlexandrou, George; Koulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos
2016How institutional factors and IFRS affect the value relevance of conservative and non-conservative banksManganaris, Panayotis; Spathis, Charalambos; Dasilas, Apostolos
2009The impact of dividend initiations on Greek listed firms’ wealth and volatility across information environmentsDasilas, Apostolos; Lyroudi, Katerina; Ginoglou, Demetrios
2005Impact of Futures on Comovements between European Cross-listed EquitiesKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Lyroudi, Katerina; Dasilas, Apostolos
Nov-2022The impact of margin trading and short selling on the investment-to-price sensitivity. Evidence from ChinaDasilas, Apostolos
2009The Impact of Regulatory Standards, Interest Rates and Trading Volume on Volatility Transmission between Cross-listed European EquitiesKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos; Tolikas, Konstantinos; Molyneux, Phil
2017Investigating the valuation effects of reverse takeovers: evidence from EuropeDasilas, Apostolos; Grose, Chris; Talias, Michael A.
2008Joint effects of interim dividend and earnings announcements in GreeceDasilas, Apostolos; Lyroudi, Katerina; Ginoglou, Demetrios
2017The Market Reaction on Ex-return of Capital Dates during Financially Constraint PeriodsDasilas, Apostolos
2009Measuring the Forecasting Accuracy of Models: Evidence from Industrialized CountriesKoulakiotis, Athanasios; Dasilas, Apostolos
2010Modelling and forecasting mobile telecommunication services: the case of GreeceDergiades, Theologos; Dasilas, Apostolos
2006On Interpreting Market Reaction to Interim Dividends during Ex-dividend Period: Greek EvidenceDasilas, Apostolos
Feb-2018The performance of European equity carve-outsDasilas, Apostolos; Leventis, Stergios
2014Performance persistence in fixed interest funds: With an eye on the post-debt crisis periodGrose, Chris; Dasilas, Apostolos; Alexakis, Christos