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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Contextualizing Educational Robotics Programming with Augmented RealityPasalidou, Christina; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
2022Designing a Shared Workspace for Learning Using Augmented Reality and Social RobotsPasalidou, Christina; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
Apr-2022Designing a Socially Assistive Robot for Education Through a Participatory Design Approach: Pivotal Principles for the DevelopersPnevmatikos, Dimitris; Christodoulou, Panagiota; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
May-2022Designing Social Robots as Embodied Mediators in Education : the Potential of Participatory DesignFachantidis, Nikolaos; Christodoulou, Panagiota; Pliasa, Sofia; Velentza, Anna-Maria; Georgakopoulou, Nefeli; Notios, Nektarios; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos; Sfakianakis, Stavros; Pnevmatikos, Dimitris
2022Higher Education Students’ Training Toward Inclusion; Virtual Reality Introduces Socially Assistive Robots Technologies for Digital InclusionPliasa, Sofia; Kartasidou, Lefkothea; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
2022Human-Robot Co-Teaching in Online University Course during Covid-19Velentza, Anna-Maria; Lefkos, Ioannis; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
21-Sep-2022Human-robot interaction methodology: Robot teaching activityVelentza, Anna-Maria; Fachantidis, Nikolaos; Lefkos, Ioannis
Nov-2021Learn with surprize from a robot professorVelentza, Anna-Maria; Fachantidis, Nikolaos; Lefkos, Ioannis
2022Social Educational Robotics Application: Architecture and InterconnectivityPapadopoulos, Konstantinos; Velentza, Anna-Maria; Christodoulou, Panagiota; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
2022Utilization of Socially Assistive Robot's Activity for Teaching Pontic DialectGkinos, Minas; Velentza, Anna-Maria; Fachantidis, Nikolaos
2021Which One? Choosing Favorite Robot After Different Styles of Storytelling and Robots' ConversationVelentza, Anna-Maria; Fachantidis, Nikolaos; Pliasa, Sofia