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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Open Government Data: A Stage ModelKalampokis, Evangelos; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2016Open Statistics: The Rise of a New Era for Open Data?Kalampokis, Evangelos; Tambouris, Efthimios; Karamanou, Areti; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2023RoBERTa-Assisted Outcome Prediction in Ovarian Cancer Cytoreductive Surgery Using Operative NotesLaios, Alexandros; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Mamalis, Marios Evangelos; Tarabanis, Constantine; Nugent, David; Thangavelu, Amudha; Theophilou, Georgios; De Jong, Diederick
2022Stratification of Length of Stay Prediction following Surgical Cytoreduction in Advanced High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Patients Using Artificial Intelligence; the Leeds L-AI-OS ScoreLaios, Alexandros; De Freitas, Daniel Lucas Dantas; Saalmink, Gwendolyn; Tan, Yong Sheng; Johnson, Racheal; Zubayraeva, Albina; Munot, Sarika; Hutson, Richard; Thangavelu, Amudha; Broadhead, Tim; Nugent, David; Kalampokis, Evangelos; de Lima, Kassio Michell Gomes; Theophilou, Georgios; De Jong, Diederick
2018Theory and practice of linked open statistical dataTambouris, Efthimios; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Janssen, Marijn; Matheus, Ricardo; Hermans, Paul; Kalvet, Tarmo
2017Towards a Linked Open Statistical Data Innovation EcosystemTambouris, Efthimios; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2013Understanding the Predictive Power of Social MediaKalampokis, Evangelos; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2023Understanding the Use of Emerging Technologies in the Public Sector: A Review of Horizon 2020 ProjectsKalampokis, Evangelos; Karacapilidis, Nikos; Tsakalidis, Dimitris; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2018Using Linked Statistical Data to Improve Marine Search and Rescue Operations in IrelandStasiewicz, Arkadiusz; Rezk, Mohamed Adel; Ojo, Adegboyega; Tambouris, Efthimios; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Tarabanis, Konstantinos; Alcorn, Trevor; Leadbetter, Adam
2017Visualizing Linked Open Statistical Data to Support Public AdministrationTambouris, Efthimios; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Tarabanis, Konstantinos