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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Fake News Incidents through the Lens of the DCAM Disinformation BlueprintRapti, Matina; Tsakalidis, George; Petridou, Sophia; Vergidis, Kostas
2022Modelling the Development and Deployment of Decentralized Applications in Ethereum Blockchain: A BPMN-Based ApproachNousias, Nikolaos; Tsakalidis, George; Petridou, Sophia; Vergidis, Kostas
2020On Knowledge Transfer from Cost-Based Optimization of Data-Centric Workflows to Business Process RedesignKougka, Georgia; Varvoutas, Konstantinos; Gounaris, Anastasios; Tsakalidis, George; Vergidis, Kostas
Dec-2022A process-aware approach for blockchain-based verification of academic qualificationsNousias, Nikolaos; Tsakalidis, George; Michoulis, George; Petridou, Sophia; Vergidis, Kostas
22-Jul-2021A Roadmap to Critical Redesign Choices That Increase the Robustness of Business Process Redesign InitiativesTsakalidis, George; Vergidis, Kostas
2019A Systematic Approach Toward Description and Classification of Cybercrime IncidentsTsakalidis, George; Vergidis, Kostas
2022Systematizing Business Process Redesign Initiatives with the BPR:Assessment FrameworkTsakalidis, George; Nousias, Nikolaos; Madas, Michael; Vergidis, Kostas
2017Towards a Comprehensive Business Process Optimization FrameworkTsakalidis, George; Vergidis, Kostas
2023Towards a Fitting Representation Method for Redesign Evaluation and Cost-Based OptimizationTsakalidis, George; Nousias, Nikolaos; Vergidis, Kostas