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Title: Is it worth it? Linking perceived high-performance work systems and emotional exhaustion: The mediating role of job demands and job resources
Authors: Kloutsiniotis, Panagiotis V.
Mihail, Dimitrios M.
Type: Article
Subjects: FRASCATI::Social sciences::Economics and Business::Business and Management
Keywords: Emotional exhaustion
High-performance work systems
Job demands
Job resources
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Source: European Management Journal
Volume: 38
Issue: 4
First Page: 565
Last Page: 579
Abstract: The present study utilizes the job demands-resources model and examines the effects of employees’ perceptions of high performance work systems (HPWS) on emotional exhaustion. For the needs of this study, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was used on a sample of 343 front-line employees in a Greek manufacturing company. The findings do not support the critical arguments regarding HPWS, which suggest that these systems lead to work intensification and emotional exhaustion through increased job demands. In contrast, HPWS was positively related to job resources, although no support was found for a direct and negative relationship with emotional exhaustion. Last but not least, this study calculates HPWS as both a system and bundles of practices and provides useful insights regarding the differences between the two different measurement methods. Finally, theoretical and managerial implications are drawn for improving our understanding of how HPWS influences job demands and resources and employees’ emotional exhaustion.
ISSN: 0263-2373
Other Identifiers: 10.1016/j.emj.2019.12.012
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