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Title: A framework for the development and deployment of evolving applications: Elaborating on the Model Driven Architecture Towards a Change-resistant Development Framework
Authors: Voulalas, Georgios
Evangelidis, Georgios
Type: Conference Paper
Subjects: FRASCATI::Natural sciences::Computer and information sciences
Keywords: Model-driven Development
Evolving Business Applications
Application Generators
Application Deployment Platforms
Reflectional Programming
Issue Date: 2006
First Page: 22
Last Page: 29
Volume Title: ICSOFT 2006, First International Conference on Software and DataTechnologies, Setubal, Portugal, September 11-14, 2006
Abstract: Software development is an R&D intensive activity, dominated by human creativity and diseconomies of scale. Current efforts focus on design patterns, reusable components and forward-engineering mechanisms as the right next stage in cutting the Gordian knot of software. Model-driven development improves productivity by introducing formal models that can be understood by computers. Through these models the problems of portability, interoperability, maintenance, and documentation are also successfully addressed. However, the problem of evolving requirements, which is more prevalent within the context of business applications, additionally calls for efficient mechanisms that ensure consistency between models and code, and enable seamless and rapid accommodation of changes, without interrupting severely the operation of the deployed application. This paper introduces a framework that supports rapid development and deployment of evolving web-based applications, based on an integrated database schema. The proposed framework can be seen as an extension of the Model Driven Architecture targeting a specific family of applications.
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