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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Blending an Android development course with software engineering conceptsChatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Theodorou, Tryfon L.; Violettas, George E.; Xinogalos, Stelios
2017The relation between technical debt and corrective maintenance in PHP web applicationsAmanatidis, Theodoros; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos
2016Studying the evolution of PHP web applicationsAmanatidis, Theodoros; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander
2016Software metrics fluctuation: a property for assisting the metric selection processArvanitou, Elvira-Maria; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Avgeriou, Paris
2017Reusability of open source software across domains: A case studyPaschali, Maria-Eleni; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Bibi, Stamatia; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Stamelos, Ioannis
Feb-2019Identifying, categorizing and mitigating threats to validity in software engineering secondary studiesAmpatzoglou, Apostolos; Bibi, Stamatia; Avgeriou, Paris; Verbeek, Marijn; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander
Jan-2019What can violations of good practices tell about the relationship between GoF patterns and run-time quality attributes?Feitosa, Daniel; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Avgeriou, Paris; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Nakagawa, Elisa.Y.
2017A mapping study on design-time quality attributes and metricsArvanitou, Elvira Maria; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Galster, Matthias; Avgeriou, Paris
2019Applying the Single Responsibility Principle in IndustryAmpatzoglou, Apostolos; Kehagias, Dionisis; Tsintzira, Angeliki-Agathi; Arvanitou, Elvira-Maria; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Stamelos, Ioannis; Moga, Alexandru; Heb, Robert; Matei, Oliviu; Tsiridis, Nikolaos
2019Monitoring Technical Debt in an Industrial SettingArvanitou, Elvira-Maria; Ampatzoglou, Apostolos; Bibi, Stamatia; Chatzigeorgiou, Alexander; Stamelos, Ioannis