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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Augmenting educational videos with interactive exercises and knowledge testing gamesKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2020Edutainment and practice in video-based learning: enriching educational videos with interactive activities and gamesKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios; Lappas, Georgios
2014Exploring Student Viewing Behaviors in Online Educational VideosKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2013A Framework for Recording, Monitoring and Analyzing Learner Behavior while Watching and Interacting with Online Educational VideosKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2016An Interactive Video-Based Learning Environment Supporting Learning Analytics: Insights Obtained from Analyzing Learner Activity DataKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2016An Interactive Video-based Learning Environment that Supports Learning Analytics for Teaching 'Image Editing'Kleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2013An overview of web mining in educationKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
2014Using metrics and cluster analysis for analyzing learner video viewing behaviours in educational videosKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
18-Jun-2016Using open source technologies and open internet resources for building an interactive video based learning environment that supports learning analyticsKleftodimos, Alexandros; Evangelidis, Georgios
Oct-2005Οι δυσκολίες των Αρχάριων ΠρογραμματιστώνEfopoulos, Vassilios; Evangelidis, Georgios; Dagdilelis, Vassilios; Kleftodimos, Alexandros