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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019On modeling linked open statistical dataKalampokis, Evangelos; Zeginis, Dimitris; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2012Towards designing cognitively-enriched project-oriented courses within a blended problem-based learning contextTambouris, Efthimios; Zotou, Maria; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2013A review on Facebook as a user-generated content environment in tertiary educationTimonidou, Vasiliki; Zotou, Maria; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
Aug-2014The linked medical data access control frameworkKamateri, Eleni; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2013Understanding the Predictive Power of Social MediaKalampokis, Evangelos; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2015A Comparative Analysis of Tools and Technologies for Policy MakingKamateri, Eleni; Panopoulou, Eleni; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos; Ojo, Adegboyega; Lee, Deirdre; Price, David
2011Open Government Data: A Stage ModelKalampokis, Evangelos; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2012Fostering enterprise architecture education and training with the enterprise architecture competence frameworkTambouris, Efthimios; Zotou, Maria; Kalampokis, Evangelos; Tarabanis, Konstantinos
2012Understanding eParticipation State of Play in EuropeTambouris, Efthimios; Macintosh, Ann; Smith, Simon; Panopoulou, Eleni; Tarabanis, Konstantinos; Millard, Jeremy
2011Interoperability Requirements, Recommendations and Standards in e-ParticipationScherer, Sabrina; Wimmer, Maria A.; Liotas, Naoum; Tambouris, Efthimios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos