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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The dilemma of luxury brand extensionsMargariti, Kostoula; Boutsouki, Christina; Hatzithomas, Leonidas
4-Apr-2023Display advertising: the role of context and advertising appeals from a resistance perspectiveTsiotsou, Rodoula H.; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Wetzels, Martin
Jun-2017Effects of Personality Traits on Facebook UseHatzithomas, Leonidas; Misirlis, Nikolaos; Boutsouki, Christina; Vlachopoulou, Maro
2022Evaluating the Use of QR Codes on Food ProductsRotsios, Konstantinos; Konstantoglou, Aggeliki; Folinas, Dimitrios; Fotiadis, Thomas A.; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina
2022Face reading the emotions of gelotophobes toward disparaging humorous advertisingVoutsa, Maria C.; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Tsichla, Eirini; Boutsouki, Christina
7-Jun-2022Femvertising practices on social media: a comparison of luxury and non-luxury brandsMichaelidou, Nina; Siamagka, Nikoletta Theofania; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Chaput, Luciana
2016Gender differences in the interpretation of web atmospherics: A selectivity hypothesis approachTsichla, Eirini; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina
3-Aug-2018Gender stereotypes in advertisements for male politicians: longitudinal evidence from GreeceKotzaivazoglou, Iordanis; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Tsichla, Eirini
2020Gender stereotypes in original digital video advertisingAramendia-Muneta, Maria Elena; Olarte-Pascual, Cristina; Hatzithomas, Leonidas
2019Greek political advertising in retrospect: a longitudinal approachTsichla, Eirini; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina; Zotos, Konstantinos
2022Green Advertising on Social Media: A Systematic Literature ReviewKtisti, Evangelia; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina
2018The impact of atmospherics on WOM about short life-cycle products: the case of motion picturesHatzithomas, Leonidas; Gkorezis, Panagiotis; Zotou, Athina Y.; Tsourvakas, George
2022The Impact of Brand Awareness and Country of Origin in the Advertising Effectiveness of Greek Food Products in the United Kingdom: The Case of Greek YogurtKaragiannis, Dimitrios; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Fotiadis, Thomas A.; Gasteratos, Antonios
2022The influence of entertainment, utility and pass time on consumer brand engagement for news media brands: a mediation modelRiskos, Kyriakos; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Dekoulou, Paraskevi (Evi); Tsourvakas, George
25-Aug-2021The Link between Sustainable Destination Image, Brand Globalness and Consumers’ Purchase Intention: A Moderated Mediation ModelHatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina; Theodorakioglou, Fotini; Papadopoulou, Evanthia
2016A Longitudinal Analysis of the Changing Roles of Gender In Advertising: A Content Analysis of Super Bowl CommercialsHatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina; Ziamou, Paschalina
2021Metaphors and Body Copy in Online Advertising EffectivenessHatzithomas, Leonidas; Manolopoulou, Aikaterini; Margariti, Kostoula; Boutsouki, Christina; Koumpis, Dimitrios
23-Feb-2022Organizational determinants as antecedent factors of export marketing strategy archetypes of agri-food firms: a three country analysisRadojevic, Predrag; Manic, Slavica; Churlei, Edward; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Suluburic, Adam
2020Push and Pull Travel Motivation: Segmentation of the Greek Market for Social Media Marketing in TourismKatsikari, Christina; Hatzithomas, Leonidas; Fotiadis, Thomas A.; Folinas, Dimitrios
2016The role of economic conditions on humor generation and attitude towards humorous TV commercialsHatzithomas, Leonidas; Boutsouki, Christina; Zotos, Yorgos